One of Those Days

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Have you ever had one of those days where things just didn’t seem right?  Where everything felt just a little bit wrong?  I had one of those days recently and the whole day… and I mean the WHOLE day, I wondered why I was feeling like I was.

Was it because my Daddy passed away a few short weeks ago?  Or because my kids were out of school for the summer and getting used to their “new routine?”  Was it because we had just moved several times over the past year and I have yet to find my “niche of friends” here?  You know – I even thought that it might be because I was inadequate to do everything that I needed to get done.

Then I thought, sometimes, I just have one of those days for NO reason whatsoever.  It’s not because I’m not good enough.  It’s not because I have too much to do and not enough time to do it.  It just simply is “One of those days.”  It’s weird, because in all of my years of life… I had never came to that thought before.  I’m my worst critic.

If the laundry gets left a little too long, or I’m too tired to cook a meal from scratch…If I don’t complete all of my blogging goals or mothering goals or wife-ing goals for the day, week, or month… I sometimes feel like a failure.  As I looked around my perfectly clean house, saw my laundry that was just almost complete and peeked in on my kids happily playing… I came to a realization…

No matter what my mind or emotions are telling me at any given point in the day, I am adequate.  I am blessed.  I have an amazing life, with an amazing husband and amazing kids.  But, if you take all of that away… I am still me.  I am still who I am and I will always be true to myself.  What good does it do for me to criticize every single little thing that I do wrong?  Why shouldn’t I celebrate the things that I do right?

My hope for you is that when you have “one of those days” yourself… maybe you won’t find yourself magnifying your shortcomings, but instead highlighting your successes.  Build yourself up, don’t tear yourself down.  Because, when it comes right down to it… you are you.  Just be you, and be the absolute best you that YOU can possibly be.

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