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I homeschool my children and they are currently working on their multiplication charts.  Well, I remembered a technique that my teacher used when I was learning my multiplication.  It was so effective that I remembered it to this day!  When we started out on the multiplication charts, I searched the internet to see if I could find something similar.  To my surprise… I couldn’t find anything that would work for what I wanted!

Here’s the premise with this… Every set of multiplication that your students or children learn, they receive an ice cream scoop.  Each scoop is added to the top of the cone – the “0” multiplication set.  Once they have learned all the way through the 12’s… they receive an ice cream!  How fun is that? 

Ice Cream Multiplication Fused Life

 Kids learn to earn their reward and have motivation to complete their memorization!  Since I couldn’t find one that would work for me, I created my own.  You can print it out, have your child color/decorate the different ice cream scoops and then cup them out and tape or glue them as they learn.  So cool!

Download your FREE Ice Cream Multiplication Printable PDF here: Ice Cream Multiplication Fused Life

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