About to Start the 10 Day Mean Green Challenge

This is not a sponsored review or sponsored post, as I am completing the challenge out of my own desire.  You can check out my financial disclosures on the disclosures tab for more on how ads support this site.

So here it is… it is time for my husband and I to start a challenge that I am very excited about!  Since early December, I have been run down and not feeling 100%.  I hurt my back in late November, which kept me out of kickboxing and karate for the rest of the year.  Three weeks ago, I got hit with either a low flu or a high cold.  Yuck, right?  And, I’m still not sleeping well because the cough decided that it would like to stay for a while.  Meanwhile, my husband fractured two bones in his foot when he was sparring at the last karate tournament.  So, he’s out of exercising for a while as well.

I was researching several different ways to get more energy, when I came across the 10 Day Green Smoothie Challenge.  I was intrigued, not by the concept, but by all of the people commenting on the Facebook post about how great their experience was.  My husband and I have done a detox before.  I’ve completed a 5 day juice fast and a 3 day water fast.  My husband has gone even longer on his water fasts, but they are primarily for religious purposes.

So, I ordered the book by J.J. Smith.  Yes, I paid full-price for the book.   You can take a look at it here: 10 Day Green Smoothie Challenge  I have already read through the book and plan on starting the challenge with my husband tomorrow.  You can join us on our journey through the good, bad and the ugly by visiting everyday.  We will post a daily update on our progress, how we are feeling… and of course any weight loss that might occur.  Are you as excited as I am?  Probably not, but stay tuned for more!

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